Disease and Pest Control



All fungicides available for disease controls are effective only as contact treatments. Therefore, it is crucial that they be applied prior to, or at the first sign of a fungal disease.

Starting a scheduled application of fungicides on plants susceptible to mildews etc. will go a long way in preventing diseases from even starting. Most fungicides should be applied starting June, and applied again every 7-10 days throughout June and July. If your plant is already covered in mildew, these products will only serve to prevent the disease from becoming much worse.

Disease and Pest control

Disease and pest control in the garden has changed dramatically over the last few years. At Dunvegan Gardens we focus our effort on providing environmentally friendly options.

Recent government regulations have removed many familiar garden products from garden center shelves. These regulations are imperative in preventing overuse of chemicals, and go a long way in protecting both ourselves and the many beneficial animals in the garden. Both experts and gardeners are needing to familiarize themselves with new, safer controls.


Prior to using any products in the garden, please ensure the insect or disease has been properly diagnosed. Dunvegan Gardens does provide a diagnostic service free of charge – simply bring in your insect in question or diseased leaf or stem of your plant and we’ll help to diagnose it for you.

Animal Repellants

Our selection of animal repelling products cover a wide range of garden pests, deer, mice, rabbits, birds, moose, and squirrels.