Planting Flower Bulbs

Fall Bulbs

As long as you can still dig in the ground, it is still ok to plant bulbs. Bulbs are great in that they require minimal effort to start, and have such a pretty show in the spring to start off the season.

I prefer to plant them in mass bunches, or at least in odd numbers (such as 5 or 7) for the best display results. Plant with bulb food or bone meal that they are able to feed off of in the spring, as it promotes root development and growth. DO NOT plant them upside down!! They are true bulbs with a swollen portion of the stem from which the growing point starts at the narrow end and the roots develop from the base. There are usually planting instructions on the packaging; the depth is about 2x the size of the bulb.

When choosing your bulbs, find multiple different varieties that bloom in the early spring through to late spring so that you have a spread out show of color as opposed to a couple of weeks of color and then back to nothing until its warm enough for annuals and perennials. There’s always a fantastic line up of colors and textures to choose from between tulips, narcissi, hyacinths, crocuses or muscari.


Olivia Adams from
Charlie Lake BC